About me

Who am I?

I'm a finance director who has a little frosted side :)

I love to create art and use some recycled items. I discovered that it's amazing to be able to find new use for items that would otherwise be put either in the trash or the recycling bin.

I am a mother of 4 fantastic grown up kids and wife to an amazing husband known as either MPP or Mr Vicky on some of my livestream!

I am a hard working and perseverant individual who has decided to share her journey on social medias. I have started a blog in 2012 and then a Youtube channel in 2015. I am also on Patreon where I can share more personal creations. You can find me on most platform under the name Crafting Vicky.

I started my Etsy store back in October 2018 when I realized that I had a lot of fun creating but couldn't keep it all. I am sharing some ephemera as well as items that I create. Recently I have been doing some classes including kits. I really think they are fun and a great gift for yourself or a friend.

Because I do a lot of thrifting I come across some amazing vintage items. I have always loved vintage items because my mom and dad loved antiques. My mom actually had an antique store while I was a teenager. I stopped thrifting for awhile but now I'm back at it. Obviously I can't keep it all either so I figured I would share some of my finds in my Etsy store as well since I had one. It allows me to let others get the item that they have been wanting but not finding because let's be honest vintage items can be hard to find. What sell here allows me to continue my journey as an artist.

Hope you will join me on my journey!