My Art and supplies

Mixed Media class and kits

I have done a bunch of super fun classes that include both tutorials as well as kits! YES I cover you by providing all that you need for making your new project.

If you are interested in the classes please click on the picture.

Ephemera packs

I have been creating all sorts of Ephemera packs. This is one of the examples. It's hard to get some items that you can use in your journal and have them be different without purchasing a ton of different bunch of items. That takes place and big investments. These kits include all the different pieces that you need without you having to invest a ton of money or losing a lot of space :)

Handmade earrings

Professionally printed postcards with my art

I also provide a bunch of other handmade items like these little journals as well as these card sets. And I have a lot of new projects coming along.

Digital sheets

I have also realized that it would be fun to have some sentiments that could be reprinted over and over again. I have created some really awesome sets and you can find them in my digital item section! Some are for Christmas, some are general sentiments. They are great because you purchase them once and then you can reprint them over and over again.